So Over It Contest 18: Everybody Wants to Rule the World Edition

No winners for Contest #17. The solution was the Angus Bowmer Theater at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. My fond memories of that place go back twenty-five years.

Now, to business. A while back on Facebook, I did a Google maps retrospective of all the places I’ve lived, with only a few exceptions. The location below is one of those exceptions. I stayed there for only one summer. It was my first real taste of freedom, and I must confess I didn’t always use it as I should have.

Anyway, I watched the movie Real Genius last night and all my memories of this place came flooding back. That’s all the clues I’ll give. Be the first to name the building and its location and win a signed copy of Dismantle the Sun. Good luck.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 3.14.01 AM

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