So Over It Contest #7

No winner for the last contest. The location in question for that contest was the cemetery at Fort Donelson, Tennessee, site of a significant Civil War battle. In February of 1862, General Grant lay siege to Fort Donelson, trapping 12,000 rebel soldiers within. To the rebels he offered “no terms but unconditional and immediate surrender”. The rebels, having failed at making a break for it and in a hopeless position, gave him exactly that. General Grant became known as “Unconditional Surrender” Grant, and Lincoln promoted him to rank of Major General.

Now to the business of the next contest. Be the first to name this location and its significance, and get a free signed copy of Dismantle the Sun. (See, I upped the prize there.)

Take a good, steamy look:

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 1.32.57 PM

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