Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

–For those who have a hard time remembering whether Obama faked Bin Laden’s death, went to Mars as a teenager, or is the love child of Malcolm X, here’s this handy chart of all the current Obama conspiracy theories, Venn Diagram style. That should keep Snopes busy for a while.

–Obama isn’t the only one who has to deal with this brand of weirdness. Conspiracy theorists are also pestering the victims of the Aurora theater shooting.

–Beliefnet spikes a blogger for wanting to describe herself a feminist. Figures.

–Now that Brett Ratner is doing the Farmville TV project (kill me), it may be that ” it’s being reimagined as a cartoon series that will bring Ratner’s usual knack for story structure to the game’s scenes of plant-watering and the occasional cow getting loose, such as now maybe the cow escapes in a wicked sports car and the plants are watered with tits.” (Thanks AVClub)

–Megan Phelps and her sister Grace have defected from the Westboro Baptist Church (a.k.a. Fred Phelps’s bigot cult)  They’re apparently just the latest defectors from the cult, which appears to be having a hard time passing its pathological hatreds down to the third generation. Justin Theroux’s second documentary on the family catches them at a moment when other family members made the choice to defect.

The cult does appear to be disintegrating, which is good news for everyone, including former members. I hope that Megan, Grace, and the others who’ve left can figure out ways to reassemble their lives on more humane terms.


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