Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

I just caught Jack Klugman in the Twilight Zone episode “A Game of Pool”. It reminded me of why I miss Klugman, one of the finest character actors in a generation of fine character actors, and of how well games of billiards play on television and in movies.


It also led me to think about my favorite movies that feature (or just include) sports or games.

FootballThe Longest Yard (1974); Baseball: Bull Durham; BasketballWhite Men Can’t Jump; SoccerWhite Hunter, Black Heart; Boxing: Raging Bull; Golf: Tin Cup; Tennis: Strangers On A Train; Ice Hockey: Slap Shot; Chess: 2001: A Space Odyssey; Backgammon: Octopussy; Poker: Maverick and House of Games (tie); Baccarat: Dr. No. (Lots of games in 007-world). Fencing: The Princess Bride; Horse Racing: The Black Stallion; Cycling: Breaking Away; Skiing: Downhill RacerBig Game Hunting: White Hunter, Black HeartPool: The HustlerCompetitive Eating: Cool Hand Luke.

–I’ve read that J.J. Abrams will be making the next Star Wars picture. After the disastrous prequel trilogy I’m sure that anything of reasonable competence he can put together will suit everyone just fine, which is a good thing because Abrams has a hard time making it much past reasonable competence.

–The CNN headline Rand Paul vs. Hillary Clinton: Clash of the Titans is exactly one titan short.

Enjoy the weekend, and stay out of trouble you crazy kids.





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