Re: The Year Just Past

The publication of Dismantle the Sun and the death of my father serve as the headline events for my 2012. I am pleased my Dad made it long enough to know that the book was out, but regret that he was in no condition to actually read the damned thing.

So it goes.

The election came and went. Despite the political media’s insistence that it would be close and would go either way, I had little doubt through the year that Barack Obama would win reelection. As early as January the polling data and the economic numbers suggested it, and Obama was not going to make the kinds of mistakes that would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. So I at least was spared living in a day-to-day panic about how that would turn out.

My beloved Raiders were a crashing disappointment this year, losing four more games than the did in 2011 and never fooling anyone into believing they could make the playoffs. I’d like to think things will be better for the Silver and Black in 2013, but I’m skeptical they will be.

Favorite Books of the Year (Has to be new to me, not necessarily something from 2012): Hitler: 1936-1945: Nemesis, Power Inc: The Epic Rivalry Between Big Business and Government and the Reckoning That Lies Ahead, The Marriage Plot.

Favorite Movies of the Year (Same Note): Rampart, The 400 Blows, Citizen Ruth, Skyfall, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Panic, Heavenly Creatures.

Favorite Television: I’m slow to warm up to new television shows, but I did find Parks and Recreation, which I’ve come to like a lot.

Favorite Moment of 2012: The Dismantle the Sun reading at Third Place Books:

Image 8Worst Moment: Take a guess.

Basic Feeling About 2012: Well, Utah, it’s taken nearly three decades, but I’ve finally found a year that was worse than the ones I spent with you.

Favorite Way to Distract Myself From How Much 2012 Sucked: Riffing movie shorts with Larry Dahlke.

Someday I hope to take a vacation.

Thing I’m Looking Forward to Most in 2013: Turning the Page.

Thing I’m Looking Forward to Least In 2013: Two Michael Bay movies will come out in 2013, the clearest indication yet that we’ve gravely offended a cruel god.


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