Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

Yesterday had me socializing far more than I generally like, so I took the day off of speaking to other human beings. Don’t worry. I like most of you. You’re fine, in small doses.


Jane Friedman lists the best literary blogs and websites. Check out The Nervous Breakdown if you haven’t before. They’ve got good book interviews and reviews on there, though they are more enthusiastic about the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer than I am.

No one won the contest. from last week. The answer was the Sopa Lodge at Ngorongoro Crater, in Tanzania. 

It may be 30 years before history gives us a decent read on this, but I’m provisionally glad that Egyptian President Morsi backed off his plan for rule by decree.

And you thought the profiles of 2016 presidential candidates was premature.


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