Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin is thinking of writing a book. Because the Earth’s population includes a high percentage of awful, awful people, I’m sure Akin’s tome will finish as a bestseller.

Speaking of awful people, Uganda’s parliament is poised to pass an anti-homosexuality bill that, among other provisions, allows “victims” of “homosexual crimes” to kill the alleged perpetrator. It’s the sort of thing that swells your national pride, if you happen to be Idi Amin.

A would-be screenwriter’s harrowing journey through screenwriting books, or Buried Deep Under Syd Field.

Raiders coach Dennis Allen is out of answers, but he shouldn’t feel too bad. No answer he could find would matter, unless he bent time and space to mail it to last January. (And if he could do that, the Raiders would at least 9-2)

And, to cheer you up from Allen, Akin, and Amin and get you in the holiday spirit, the Animaniacs:

Happy Hollandaise.

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