Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

Mitt Romney blames his loss on Obama’s skill at giving out “gifts” to women, the middle class, and minority groups. After all his blather in October about how his 47% comments didn’t reflect his genuine thinking, I guess he now feels free to confess that it did. I regret that Will Rogers is dead, for I think that if he met Mitt Romney, the Governor would have introduced the comedian to that one experience he claimed he never had.

Those curious about the next MMIP Book: Blood Promises and Other Commitments will have their curiosity satisfied soon.

Addendum to The Devil’s Dictionary. austerityn. a religious observance in which those who committed the sin of debt repent by wearing a hairshirt of fiscal immiseration. Softhearted mushheads (i.e. macroeconomists) claiming such measures ruin lives, prolong depressions, and perpetuate debt show themselves to be filthy atheists, lacking faith in the loving power and beneficence of Mammon.

The National Book Award winners were announced yesterday. Congratulations to Erdrich, Ferry, Boo, and Alexander.

The Onion: Poor Bastard Who Just Started Watching ‘Lost’ In For A World of Disappointment.

In the plus column, I finally got around to starting the Helen Mirren series, Prime Suspect. Damn, I could watch her in…wait…no…there was this…

So, I could watch Helen Mirren in almost anything.


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