Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

Apparently at least five states have tried to solve redistricting problems by placing all their crazy people in one district, thus allowing them to elect the best crazy person they have to Congress so that the Vampire Baboons Who Live In Their Armpits will have a voice in government. So we now introduce the starting five of your (probably) incoming 2013 D.C. Bull Goose Looneys.

A conversation with a student the other day left me thinking about how the Concorde was not only a commercial aviation bust, but also a motion picture boondoggle. (Honestly, though, you should see Concorde: Airport ’79, which will demonstrate the Concorde’s amazing features: evading surface to air missiles, outmaneuvering military jet fighters, abusing Martha Rae, jiggling Charo’s assets, and charming the passengers into reboarding  a plane that’s been the target of missiles, fighter jets, and bombs.)

The AVClub lists the ten best films of the 1890s. I can’t believe they left out that one about the horse eating hay. I mean, he totally convinced me that he was just…eating the hell out of that hay. He got method, man. He went there. When it was over, I knew what it was to be a horse. He was feeding not just his body, but his soul.

Locals (by which I mean people in the Seattle metro area) with the time should head to the Everett library for a discussion of Mrs. Dalloway. If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s short, and it’s fantastic.

Good on the news staff of the Seattle TImes for protesting the Times Company’s purchase of political ads in support of Rob McKenna and R-74. I actually support R-74 but would vote for Rob McKenna only if his opponent were a Neo-Nazi or a child molester. Those sentiments notwithstanding, this whole exercise by the Times Company strikes me as sleazy in the Rupert Murdochian sense. It does violence to the credibility of the paper, and in the quite likely event of an Inslee victory, may make it harder for reporters covering the new governor to do their jobs. I don’t hold out much hope for the effectiveness of this protest, but I applaud it nonetheless.


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