Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

It’s been a strange week here in Shangri-La. Strange and expensive. The reading tomorrow will come as a great relief, at least once I’m done. I’ve been rehearsing. Being myself in public takes a tremendous amount of practice.

Attention James Bond villains: there’s a whole planet out there, larger than Earth, made of diamonds.

Thanks Google.

Talk like this is one of the reasons why everyone not in New England loves to see Tom Brady and the Patriots lose. (His last two Super Bowl appearances were a sweet pleasure.)

Anyone stopping by in search of writing tips will get two from me: abandon hope and don’t wait. (Actually, it’s Terry Rossio’s advice, but in the column he strikes me as clearheaded on the matter.)

Yes, Oedipus really would be well advised to kick out the jams:

Incidentally, I hate to brag around my daily bumper crop of likes, but there are two of you out there who keep liking these posts, and I have no idea who you are…it’s making me nervous…prying, anonymous eyes watching my every word…stop it…WHO ARE YOU!

Just kidding. But by all means introduce yourselves in comments. I am curious.

There will be reading audio and/or video on the site sometime this weekend, so keep your eyes open.


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