Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

The disruption of a dead fuel pump and fuel relay put a huge dent in the pondering end of my business. But though I’m certain that there’s another giant car repair bill looming on my horizon (the password is Timing Belt), and though I’ve been wrestling with technical problems related to our upcoming MMIP release, Blood Promises, I have found time for a little pondering.

Lindy West on finding the humanity in even the nastiest Youtube troll.

Obama supporters, I want you to do two things right now. First, chill the hell out. Then, once you’ve chilled, wake the fuck up. (How to do both? Be large and contain volumes.)

And incidentally, Barack, you might want to watch your Australian counterpart for inspiration before your next debate.

Song on my mind: Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill. This version is actually my favorite, possibly because it’s the version I saw him perform in Tacoma twenty years ago–the only time I was ever in the front row of any concert.

Alex Karras will soon be gone. I didn’t get to see him play football much, but I did love his acting in the TV version of MASH, Blazing Saddles, and Victor/Victoria.


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